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Hi there! This is Yiwei Xu!


I am a UX designer with experience designing both consumer & enterprise experiences. Currently designing Data Privacy management tools at OneTrust. I am passionate about simplifying complex business problems and translating users' needs.

Prior to this, I studied Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Michigan where I laid a solid foundation on UX Design and User research. I designed for various clients including Oracle, Brilliant Detriot, and Birdie, both big companies and startups. 

In my daily job, I keep the user-centered design in mind to power the end-to-end user experience. I always start a project by gaining insights from clients as well as end-users. Then I would quickly sketch user flow and wireframes, which can help me get stakeholders on board.

During the design process, I involved the engineering team earlier to check the feasibility and scalability. Prototypes and user testings are usually effective methods to ensure the interfaces are simple and useful. Until product release, I continuously support the development cycle and make sure the business solution is well understood and executed.


When I’m not designing

I am creating music with my Midi 🎹, recording🎧  , and singing🎙️. I'm currently fascinated with Lofi beats making. 

Want to learn more?

Download my Resume or say Hi to me!

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