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Interactive Geographic Information System Help you view and manage spatial data

Project Overview

GeoBase was my capstone project conducted by Nov. 2016 to Jan. 2016. This system can be used to view and manage the spatial data for people, especially for administrator like Government. It can be uploaded with shape file and Geodatabase data, and the attribute and spatial attribute of data can be edited and queried. 
The system has fundamental function about spatial data like zoom in, zoom out, pan and data query. In addition, the system can be used for data analysis and buffer analysis which provide support for decision making.


1. Deploy MapControl to implement basic function of spatial data or map.
2. Deploy TocControl to manage attribute of data.
3. Deploy BaseTool to create interactive operate environment.
4. Add windows in Forms folder and connect them with control.
5. Use IQueryFilter to query data, ITopologicalOperator.Buffer to make buffer area and Geometric NetWork to do Shortest path analysis.


I choose university data to test the system. There are three layers in data:
1. University digital map after digitalizing spatial data by ArcGIS. 
2. Attribute database of all the elements like roads, dormitories, buildings, etc.
3. Connect 1 and 2 with ODBC.


Visualize statistics into charts or Thematic map
Play Video
​Buffer analysis: analyse the certain distance region.
Query specified 
elements in specified region.
Query information of elements.
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