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Oracle mobile-first commerce cloud storefront

Needs assessment and usability study

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Time span: Feb 2019 - Present

My Role: User research, User interview, User testing.

Team members: Yiwei Xu, Yunqi Qian, Aljaharah Alfayez, Joy Huang.

The Oracle Commerce Cloud Service is an eCommerce product designed to provide customers (retailers and businesses) with tools to build an online storefront for their buyers, the product also comes equipped with a backend to allow them to view analytics of activity. 
The product’s objective is to create an out of the box generic e-commerce solution for retailers and business owners to customize, and then use to sell products online. Given the advent of mobile shopping trends, Oracle aims to design a new storefront using a mobile first approach. For this reason, our study aims to support Oracle with the information architecture and structural design (user experience flow) of the front-end mobile website. 
*** This project is subject a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) ***
Research Process 
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Project Scope
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Interaction Map

How do users get information from mobile-first commerce cloud storefront currently?

Oracle Ecommerce Mobile Storefront Inter
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Subsequently, we mapped the major interactions or user journeys on the prototype. This enabled us to understand what Oracle currently have in detail.
Currently, we identified the following problems from the interaction map.
  • Menu/Navigation Bar

    • Menu items need better sorting

    • Login option is embedded deep in the menu

  • Filter tags

    • After applying filters: they don’t appear on the product listing page

    • Tags are only present on one layer of the filter pages

  • Lack of back options on some pages

Need Assessment- Understand people's need

Contextual Inquiry

We conducted 5 interviews with 2 Oracle consulting members, 3 end-users.
Major questions are regarding:
  • How do people interact with eCommerce platforms on mobile in general?

  • Features that people like to see in an eCommerce mobile platform.

  • Motivations and frustrations people have when shopping on mobile platforms?


We also conducted survey research to find out potential trends and frustrations.
Major questions are regarding:
  • How do shoppers feel about an online store’s different functionalities and what are their frustrations?

  • What are the associated (possibly hidden) trends between features and shoppers?

  • Is there a relationship between shopper demographics and their shopping patterns?

Competitive analysis

We selected nine products which range from e-commerce platforms that cater to small retail business sizes to those that cater to large ones. Additionally, the consumers of a retailer selling through the OCC is exposed to purchasing through a variety of other websites/apps. They are likely comparing the features and functionalities of all of their options before making a purchase choice, regardless of the platform vendor.  For this reason, we included a diverse set of platforms which may not be made to compete with one another’s target retail business buyer, but almost all cater to similar end-users (consumers).
What is everyone concerning?
Cory-Heavy Shopper-Persona.jpg
Tiffany - medium shopper.jpg
Mary-Light Shopper-Persona.jpg
We used persona to represent the end-users. We also differentiated end users in three different types: light shoppers, medium shoppers and heavy shoppers.
What are the motivations and frustrations?
We conducted an affinity wall to analyze the information we collected from the interview. Notes with a similar theme were grouped together and then been concluded to form higher-level insights.
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Findings for Need Assessment
  1. Mobile is used for quick/on-the-go access to sites mainly for browsing.

  2. Saving products and customer information help create a more personalized and easier experience.

  3. Sales, promotions, and rewards are great incentives.

  4. Users enjoy good customer service, and some need clear guidance.

Usability Evaluation

Heuristic Evalution

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Preference Testing

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Usability Testing

Pre and post test questionnaires


Creating 5 tasks

based on main features


Recruiting 5 participants


Data Logging and analyze

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Data Logging Form

Findings for Usability Evaluation
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